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Date: 20/July/2019 - 10/November/2019
Location: Halász Chateau Kápolnásnyék, Székesfehérvár

Like all important private establishments of its kind, the Kovács Gábor Art Collection too has a distinctive character. The collector and patron of the arts has been purchasing artworks for two decades with the intention of building a collection that fittingly represents the history of modern Hungarian painting.

Date: 22/June/2019 - 28/September/2019
Location: Miskolci Galéria Városi Művészeti Múzeum, Miskolc

A large-scale exhibition of the graphics by Lajos Szalay in the occasion of the artist's 110th birthday.

Date: 08/May/2019 - 30/August/2019
Location: KOGART House, Budapest

The urban scenes Tibor Csernus painted in the 1990s – against the earlier daylight street views – are usually set in and around bars and cafés, at night. Sunlight gives way to the eerie glare of streetlights and neon signs, with prostitutes, dissolute bohemians and shady-looking characters appearing among the tourists and passers-by, like the cast of a film noir. The transition between the two types is probably represented by the boxing hall scenes, presented in an expressive gloom, smelling of sweat. Even when empty, the bright ring that aggressively jumps forward from the background is suggestive of violence.


Date: 11/June/2019 - 14/July/2019
Location: Macao Contemporary Art Center, Macao, China

Zsuzsa Péreli’s entire oeuvre is characterized by a relaxed painterliness. However, instead of a painter’s palette, she uses hundreds of spools of coloured yarn to create her dynamic tapestries. Her vision too is like a painter’s, because she does not use a cartoon while working, but keeps the image she realizes on the loom in her head.

Date: 07/April/2019 - 09/June/2019
Location: KOGART Exhibitions Tihany, Tihany
Date: 30/March/2019 - 30/June/2019
Location: Halász Chateau Kápolnásnyék, Székesfehérvár
Date: 10/November/2018 - 24/February/2019
Location: Emlékpont, Hódmezővásárhely

In our new exhibition at the Emlékpont, in Hódmezővásárhely, we exhibit the Lenin sculptures of surgeon Csaba Udvardy. After the change of the regime in 1989, the relics of the cult that lost its validity became the prime source of parafrace for pop-art, surrealism, neo-dada and the like. The rebuilt Lenin sculptures use the tools of the visual gags, applications, and word games built on our popular culture to translate the symbolism of the personal cult built by communism.

Date: 19/October/2018 - 27/January/2019
Location: Castle Garden Bazaar - Guards' Palace (Northern Palace), Budapest