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Date: 27/March/2022 - 31/July/2022
Location: Halász Chateau, Kápolnásnyék


Date: 08/May/2022 - 04/June/2022
Location: Bertalan Székely Memorial House, Szada
Date: 12/November/2021 - 20/February/2022
Location: Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Date: 16/October/2020 - 11/December/2020
Location: KOGART House, Budapest
Date: 07/December/2019 - 01/April/2020
Location: KOGART Exhibitions Tihany, Tihany
Date: 21/September/2019 - 24/November/2019
Location: KOGART Exhibitions Tihany, Tihany

Exhausted, with deep breathes from its enormous nostrils strides forth the embodiment of draughtsmanship, Dürer’s rhino on the streets of Budapest. It does not find its place. It does not find its own time. With tediousness it tumbles over on the square, blocking the tram, while the good citizens ignore it – they are in a hurry, all this is only natural. It is a peculiar stroke of luck, that the city was built to accommodate such miracles