Fresh Europe - Mania, or passion compels


Date: 25/August/2006 - 08/October/2006

This is the third year the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation presents fresh graduates of art academies in Hungary and other countries, together with the works of some of their masters. This year the thematic focus is based on the notion of Obsession. We try to map the underlying motivations for maintaining regular obsessive activities, also the selection tries to shed light on the youngest generation’s different coping strategies regarding obsession.

In two of the upstairs stories of KOGART House, twenty-one young Hungarian artists are presented in the company of twelve freshly graduated artists from abroad, whom we invited on the suggestion of four professors at four universities.

The “smallest common denominator” of these artists is the idea of Mania. The display concentrates on what has become a salient trait of this age of energy drinks and coffee machines, hyperactivity. Nor is it uncommon for the surfer of the energy waves to dip beneath the surface… Fresh Europe offers you an overview of the strategies the youngest artists employ to dive into euphoria, the consumption mania and information overdrive. Each work rewards with a new surprise, because the overflowing energies and the information that comes from areas so disparate – both technically and geographically – keep provoking exciting new visual associations. Bold and fragile, this new generation is fearless in its exploration of the shifting sand of irrepressible anxiety.

Bertalan Babos (HU) • Lilla Borsos-Lőrinc (HU) • Judit Fischer (HU) • Dániel Horváth (HU) • Juli Kemény (HU)• Endre Kiss (HU) • Rita Koralevics (HU) • Hella Mayer (HU) • Hajnal Miklós • Ábel Péterfy (HU) • Dávid Szentgróti (HU) • Hajnalka Tarr (HU) • Ágnes Verebics (HU) • Julita Paluszkiewicz (PL) • Tomasz Pląskowski (PL) • Mira Gaberova (SK) • Erik Šille (SK) • Katja Sudec (SL) • Urša Vidic (SL) • Terezie Chlibcová (CZ) • Daniela Dostálková (CZ)

Cooperating Universities:
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest • Faculty of Art, University of Sciences, Pécs • Academy of Fine Arts, Poznań • Faculty of Art and Design, J. E. Purkynĕ University in Ústí nad Labem • Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava • Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana

Visitors' information: 

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.