Contemporary Sculptures of the KOGART Contemporary Art Collection

Dom Umenia

Date: 23/June/2011 - 13/August/2011

As part of the 16th International Exhibition of Sculpture and Objects, as well as a closing event of Hungary’s EU presidency, we now present a selection from the sculptural treasures of the KOGART Contemporary Art Collection.

In 2008, on the initiative of the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation, the development of a new contemporary art collection began, whose purpose is to properly represent the merits of Hungarian art in our age. The contributions of private enterprises and the Hungarian state enables the Organizing Committee to purchase 500 works of art over five years, which span the period from the second half of the 20th century to the present day. 

On display at Bratislava’s National Cultural Centre, the pieces, more than a hundred in number and covering the broadest scale of genres and subjects, demonstrate how sculpture in the 20th century broke its long-established moulds and went on to conquer space (installations, floating sculptures), integrate ephemeral materials (paper, plastic, textile) and new technologies (video), as well as to establish new forms that border on painting (light box).

The Foundation has published a beautifully presented catalogue on the occasion, in Hungarian, Slovak and English, which is available for purchase at the venue.

Visitors' information: 

Venue: Bratislava, Dom umenia, Námestie SNP 12