The Exhibition of KOGART House is closed from 9th to 19th February!

Opening: 20th February, 12pm


1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.
Tel: (+36 1) 354 3820
E-mail: info@kogart.hu 

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The restaurant and café of KOGART House is closed, the exhibition, the Museum Shop and the Gróf Buttler Showroom

is open daily between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m from 20th February.

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Adults 1500 HUF 
Students 750 HUF 
Adult group (from 15 people) 750 HUF 
Student group (from 15 people) 375 HUF 
Family discount (2 adults + 2 children) 3000 HUF   

Further discounts  
Visitors with teacher's certificate 750 HUF 
Visitors with ICOM/ICOMOS Card 750 HUF 
Visitors with MAOE Card 750 HUF  

Admittance is free for   
Children under the age of 6, 
Visitors with disability accompanied by one person, 
Journalists holding a photo ID, 
Travel guides (holding a photo ID) escorting a group (from 15 people),  

Our prices include VAT.

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The specific website of the KOGART Exhibition and Event House with many details is henceforth available at