Printa Gallery


Printa gallery is dedicated to presenting contemporary serigraphs, drawings, graphics and urban art. In connection with the silkscreen studio, the gallery offers and cultivates a platform for emerging visual artists.

During 2009/2010 Printa gallery featured numerous Hungarian artists, such as Sugar János, Szíj Kamilla, Stark Attila, Budha Tomi, Balla Dóra, Fridvalsziki  Márk, Baranyai András, Kovács Lehel, Eperjesi Ágnes, Tarcali Dávid, Oliver arthur... During this time, Printa also presented foreign artists involved in silkscreen, graphic art, and street art, such as the group exhibition “Supalife Collection” - a showcase of contemporary visual artists from Berlin, and ‘Swiss urban salon’ works from 17 Swiss urban artists, Pony Pedro gallery from Berlin and Rupert Meats - This is rude - artist from London.

Date: 07/December/2011 - 09/February/2012