Science / Nature / Innovation

Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna

Date: 20/February/2014 - 04/April/2014

Taking place in Collegium Hungaricum Vienna as a result of several years of cooperation between the Viennese IT Consulting Company Qualysoft and the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation the exhibition demonstrates the possible connections between art and science. Some twenty artists seek the answers how to integrate the principles of science and the newest technologies into the field of fine arts.

Exhibiting artists: ANTAL Balázs; ARBESSER, Mario; DÁNIEL András; DELLER, Dieter; GÁSPÁR György; HARASZTY István; HOCH, Michael; JAKATICS-SZABÓ Veronika; KELÉNYI Béla; KORALEVICS Rita; LOIS Viktor; OROSZ István; SZVET Tamás; TAKÁCS Szilvia; ÜBERHUBER, Christoph; VARGA Rita

Visitors' information: 

Collegium Hungaricum Vienna
A-1020 Bécs, Hollandstraße 4.