Paris attracts

Hegyvidék Gallery

Date: 06/December/2017 - 22/January/2018

Boldi and Tibor Csernus – a sculptor and a painter, two different genres, the rivalization of which was the butt of the joke of exhibition halls for centuries. However, at the joint exhibition of the Hegyvidék Gallery and KOGART the works of the two artists do not collide and trip each other: they tell a story of shape and form in their own fundamental way.

Within the mind frame of the two artist the materiality of the human body and the dependence on matter – and how to break free of it – holds a central role. All this submerged in the rich tradition of art: Boldi and Csernus created their own modern language by reaching back to the dense moments of art history, evoking and transforming them.

The eternal rivalry between sculpture and painting, the paragone spanning over the ages are in balance at the exhibition of Boldi and Csernus.