Lajos Szalay (1909-1995), master of the European Graphic Art

Liu Haisu Art Museum

Date: 16/September/2014 - 21/September/2014

The Kovács Gábor Art Foundation owns some 500 pieces of Lajos Szalay’s graphics that represents the oeuvre of the world-known Hungarian graphic artist.

The Chinese public had the opportunity to get acquainted with the works of the artist twice in the recent past: in spring 2013 the Chongqing Three Gorges Museum presented the 250 most precious Szalay art-works of the KOGART Foundation, and in May 2014 some 350 art-works were displayed in Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou.

By presenting around 260 of the most beautiful pieces of this collection, the Foundation would like to introduce an outstanding representative of European draughtsmanship to the Shanghai public, hoping that the drawings will also reveal more of the roots of Christian culture, its main ideas and their unique visual representation. Chinese visitors will probably delight in this mastery of ink drawing, a technique their own culture has considered one of the most important means of expression for millennia. Providing a taste of the most valuable features of European graphic art, this exhibition effects a special encounter of East and West, of tradition and modernity, of intellectual content and technical virtuosity.