Kaleidoscope - A selection from the collections of the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation


Date: 06/June/2017 - 30/November/2017

The new exhibition of the KOGART House awaits its visitors from 6 June 2016, the emphasis now shifts towards contemporary works of the Kovács Gábor Art Foundation.

Only when the view is multiplied—when different colours, patches, shapes and forms are flashed—can we gain an insight into what is a vividly variegated collection.

This also means that what you can see on the walls and in between them at our new exhibition are only nodes on the many strands of the KOGART Collection. Following the former display, which selected from the private collection of the founder, Gábor Kovács, the emphasis now shifts towards contemporary works, and the highlighting of the innovative approach KOGART seeks to represent.

This progressive thinking is the very common denominator of the Collection, which may often seem eclectic when viewed from the outside. The mission of the Collection is to offer an unbiased representation of the multiplicity of genres and media, while collecting and preserving such works of contemporary Hungarian art that stand for outstanding, absolute values. What the same objective allows us to present at this exhibition are beautiful forms.

Visitors' information: 

1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 112.
Tel: (+36 1) 354 3836
E-mail: info@kogart.hu

Open Monday to Friday, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m