THE HARMONY OF GEOMETRY - Geometric endeavours in contemporary Hungarian art

KOGART Exhibitions Tihany

Date: 30/January/2015 - 22/March/2015

Hungarian geometric abstraction boasted a considerable tradition and international prestige as early as the interwar period. In naturally followed from the intrinsic development of the visual arts as well as the changes in society that at the beginning of the 20th century certain progressive artists decided to do without the objective motifs of reality, and express their ideas or emotions exclusively by means of colours and shapes. Thus, abstract art was born, the art of disregarding concrete content, whose expressive colours sought to affect emotions, and its rigorously designed forms were to have an effect on the intellect.

This exhibition focuses on the painting and sculpture of the trend that relies for its effect on geometric elements, with the help of works from the KOGART Contemporary Art Collection. This impressive selection covers a period of more than sixty years, presenting the most significant Hungarian artists of geometric abstraction from the middle of the last century to the present. The works on view include Gábor Attali’s soft and hard cubes, a work that caused outrage in the 1970s; István Harasztÿ’s mobile statue; pieces by two outstanding masters of Hungarian glass art, Zoltán Bohus and György Gáspár, created with unique techniques; and János Megyik’s steel pictures. Such painting that employs geometrical elements is represented by the works of Tamás Konok, Imre Bak, Pál Deim, János Fajó, and László Hajdú. As regards genres, styles and materials, it is from a variety of aspects that this selection highlights the pared-down forms of expression in geometric abstraction as they run through the history of the movement from the European School, through Iparterv, to the first decade of the new century.

Exhibiting artists: Gábor Attalai, Imre Bak, László Bartha, Zoltán Bohus, Tibor Csiky, Pál Deim, János Fajó, Ádám Farkas, György Gáspár, István Haász, László Hajdú, István Haraszty, György Jovánovics, Zénó Kelemen, Tamás Konok, Péter Lengyel, Ferenc Martyn, János Megyik, Gellért Orosz, Oszkár Papp, Tamás Szikora, Tibor Vilt, Tamás Vigh






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