20th-century highlights in the Kovács Gábor Collection


Date: 20/February/2017 - 30/April/2017

The restaged exhibition of the Kovács Gábor Collection now focuses on pieces from the 20th century, to represent the emergence of modern art in Hungary through the work of such eminent artists as József Rippl-Rónai, János Vaszary and Sándor Bortnyik. During the period from the late 19th century until the Second World War, Hungarian art was almost completely in step with Western European art, particularly with French and German painting. Visitors can thus witness how French Impressionism gained ground in the country, see the appearance in Hungary of the isms that rose from the early 20th century (Fauvism, Cubism, Expressionism, Constructivism), and can finally observe the influence of the new, post-World War I trends, such as art deco, on Béla Kádár, or the appearance of classicizing tendencies in the work of Béla Kontuly. The exhibition presents the Collection’s focal points from the Nagybánya school, which marked the symbolic birth of the period, through the neo-Impressionist endeavours, to the avant-garde trends.